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Who Are We?

We're true travelers. The kind you meet at some out-of-the-way beach bar in Costa Rica, 100ft from the sand, waiting on the perfect surf. We're modern day explorers. The kind who are always in search of interesting off-the-beaten-path spots. And we're the seekers in the crowd. The kind who have always valued meaningful friendships over material possessions. Stories over stuff. We are GlobeKick.

Why Join Us?

GlobeKick is the place to connect with other true travelers from around the world while uncovering the tools, tricks, and planning insights on how to make an interesting life filled with global travel. 

We offer the first ever Discovery Quiz so we can help you better understand how you travel. Once you have taken our quiz we will process the results and send you a free Adventure Score.  

What Do I Get?

Your own Adventure Profile within GlobeKick plus all the member benefits. This enables you to connect with other badass explorers from around the planet within our purpose-built social platform. Chat, showcase your travel media, ask/answer questions, research upcoming trips, follow along, and meet other great people.

No hidden fees. No bullshit. Just travel.

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