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Who Are We?

We're true travelers. The kind you meet at some out-of-the-way beach bar in Costa Rica, 100ft from the sand, waiting on the perfect surf. We're modern day explorers. The kind who eschews the convenient hotel for the interesting hacienda. And we're the seekers in the crowd. The kind who have always valued meaningful friendships over material possessions. Stories over stuff. We are GlobeKickers.

Why Join Us?

We bring to life adventure travel for the adventurous.

Joining our online network is 100% free. GlobeKick is the place to discover new expertly designed global adventures, connect with true travelers from around the world who are living them, all while uncovering the tools, tricks, and planning insights on how to make it happen on a budget.

Each year we invite a certain number of GlobeKick users from within our network to join the GlobeKick Adventure Team. GK Adventurers travel with us on one pre-planned trip of their choosing: anywhere we go, whenever we're there, and with a group of like-minded GlobeKickers from all over the planet. These trips are hand-tailored, inclusive, and exceptionally well priced.

We think of it like winning the adventure lottery of a lifetime. 

Want to ride camels into the Sahara? No problem. Cage dive with Great Whites in South Africa? Just show up. We got you. Hike the Scottish Highlands. We'll see you there.

What Do I Get?

Your own Adventure Profile within GlobeKick. This enables you to connect with other badass explorers from around the planet within our purpose-built social platform. Chat, showcase your travel media, ask/answer questions, research upcoming trips, follow along DIY GlobeKick adventures, or plan your own trip with other GlobeKickers from soup to nuts ... you name it! GlobeKick is ours to model & grow.

Interested in joining the GlobeKick Adventure Team? Want to take a global trip somewhere off-the-beaten-path, but can't line up your crew to make it happen? Does life always seem to get in the way --  some new deadline here or drama there messing with your time for planning? You've joined the right tribe. We fill our guided, hand-tailored, inclusive, global trips with anywhere from 20-25 GlobeKick Members: share memories with new friends from around the world on an once-in-a-lifetime experience at an incredible price. 

And if you're here just to poke around (aka, still plotting your next escape from the everyday, ordinary routine), you are one of us too! Hangout here with GlobeKick to pickup helpful travel tips, money & time-saving tricks, and flash discounts from our squad of travel experts. Together let's make that plot ... a full-blown plan! And sharing your own knowledge with other members earns you extra rewards within GlobeKick's suite of industry discounts on curated travel experiences and products. Because sharing is caring.

No hidden fees. No bullshit. Just travel.

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